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Oliver Urso was born in Copenhagen Denmark the 29th April 1999. From an early age he shows his abilities at playing ball and his first kicks are with KB Copenhagen in the 2002-03 season as part of the 1998 team. Always under age he stays with his home team until 2005-06 when he moves to BSV Denmark for three seasons winning the championship in the spring of 2008.

In 2008 he arrives in Rome where his first season is with the Rome Sports Team 2008-09 always playing with the class 1998 formation confirming his excellent skills. His technical qualities are evident and in 2009 joins the As Roma’s Youth Section.

With the Roma formation he immediately has a devastating impact scoring 22 goals in 26 games.

The following season the attacker class ’99 playing the first season in the Young Provincial Team scores 18 goals in 28 games.  Urso stays with Roma the following year 2011-12 where he scores the winning goal in the derby against Lazio allowing  Roma to win 3-2. 16 goals scored in the championship and an excellent performance in end of  season tournaments, earns him several individual awards as best player.

The next year Urso decides to leave Roma and moves on to N. Tor Tre Teste, an amateur Roman formation, and is immediately noted in the "Torneo Giovanni Promesse" when against professional teams wins the award as best player in the tournament. After the two goals in the first match of the new season against Albalonga  he continues to be spoken of scoring 16 goals in 22 matches.

His athletic skills are noted, and after a brilliant performance in the Ielasi Tournament in January, at Easter he is given the opportunity to play for Ac Cesena in the Daniele Pecci Tournament, an important sporting event for the "Giovanissimi B". He plays a great game as  central midfielder showing to be very adaptable.

Cesena bets on him and in the summer of 2013 joins the club. In 2013-14 in Emilia Romagna Oliver plays for Cesena in the National Young Championship, alternating between the roles of external attack, attacking midfielder and central midfielder and scores 10 goals in 23 games.

In 2014-15 plays for Cesena in the Under 17 team and shows his skills by scoring and excellent performance in the "Allievi Nazionali Lega Pro". Between December and January  against Empoli and Fiorentina scores important goals then against Pontedera scores a double, winning 3 -2. The 10 goals scored helps Cesena to win the championship against Fiorentina.

In 2015-16 Urso is part of the Cesena Under 17 team. His skills seen in the "Previdi Memorial" are confirmed with excellent playing and important goals which allows the team to beat for example Atalanta on their grounds. Cesena is way up in the classification when with his 3 goals beats Milan 3-1 away from home.

At the end of the season he scores 12 goals in 21  appearances before his arrival in the Primavera Under 19 team.

In the summer of 2018 Oliver signed for Salernitana and goes on loan to Pro Piacenza. On April 2019 Oliver sign for Forlì (Serie D). 

In August 2019 Oliver passes to the Viterbese Castrense, in Serie C

In July 2022, after the excellent years played in the yellow and blue shirt, the transfer to Novara arrived, again in Serie C. He played two seasons with the Azzurri, collecting 61 appearances with 9 goals (including 8 in the last season). In July 2024 Oliver Urso signed a three-year contract with Reggiana (Serie B).

Oliver is an extremely flexible player, skilled in multiple roles, employed in the youth sector as an attacking midfielder/second striker or external attacker, while in recent seasons, in Serie C with Viterbese, he has stood out and distinguished himself as a left winger both in defense and in midfield. In the two seasons in Novara he managed to establish himself on the left lane, often proving decisive even in the offensive phase, with 9 goals scored.


2002-03 KB Copenaghen -
2003-04 KB Copenaghen - -
2004-05 KB Copenaghen
2005-06 BSV Danimarca 38 63
2006-07 BSV Danimarca 42 66
2007-08 BSV Danimarca 42 53
2008-09 Roma Team Sport 40 95
2009-10 As Roma Esordienti  26 22 
2010-11 As Roma Giovanissimi  28 18 
2011-12 As Roma Giovanissimi  25 16 
2012-13 N. Tor Tre Teste Giovanissimi  22 16 
2013-14 Cesena Giovanissimi Nazionali  23 10 
2014-15 Cesena Allievi Lega Pro  24 10 
2015-16 Cesena Allievi Nazionali  21 12 
2016-17 Cesena Primavera  6  0
2017-18 Cesena Primavera 24 8
2018-19 Pro Piacenza (Serie C) 2 0
2018-19 Forlì (Serie D) 4 1
2019-20 Viterbese (Serie C) 16 -
2020-21 Viterbese (Serie C) 27 -
2021-22 Viterbese (Serie C) 40 2
2022-23 Novara (Serie C) 25 1
2023-24 Novara (Serie C) 36 8
2024-25 Reggiana (Serie B) - -
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